We first discovered stretch tents while racing mountain bikes through the rugged desert terrain of costal South Africa. Their unmistakably modern, yet natural architectures were like magnets drawing us in for rest, relaxation and refreshment at the close of each day.


Between the heavy wooden poles, sloping entry points and flowing ceilings it was obvious something very special was happening inside.


Enjoying the hospitality of these surroundings quickly became addictive. Relaxing and socializing while being protected from the harsh desert sun and elements, yet fully appreciating the beauty of the natural environment, was something we never experienced before.


When we arrived back in Arizona we couldn’t stop thinking about how perfectly stretch tents would fit into our Southwestern climate.  Shortly thereafter Scottsdale Stretch Tents was born. We have since been sharing our love for the people and beauty of South Africa and been back many times with our partners and friends for pleasure and partnership with Freeform Stretch Tents.


Scottsdale Stretch Tents is a talented team comprised of engineers, product developers, industrial designers, business owners and creative talents. We are very delighted and confident in our partnership with Freeform Stretch Tents from Cape Town, South Africa. Their advancements in technology of fabrics, production and rigging materials we feel is above and beyond other manufactures we could have chose. For our rigging gear, we use a combination of Freeform Products as well as some of our own which we feel suit the US market and engineering standards. All of our Stretch Tents meet strict USA fire certifications.


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